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Axel Jantsch

Professor in Systems on Chip

On the list of publications sorted by year and sorted by topic, you can find all bibtex entries and many papers as pdf files.

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FogComputing-2018-icon.png Fog Computing in the Internet of Things, Amir Rahmani, Pasi Liljeberg, Jürgo-Sören Preden, Axel Jantsch, editors Springer, 2018. DarkSilicon-2016-icon.png The Dark Side of Silicon, Amir Mohammad Rahmani, Pasi Liljeberg, Ahmed Hemani, Axel Jantsch and Hannu Tenhunen, editors, Springer, 2016.
2D-3D-NoC-2013-icon.png Designing 2D and 3D Network-on-Chip Architectures, K. Tatas, K. Siozios, D. Soudris, A. Jantsch, Springer, 2014. MOSART-Book-icon.png Sclabable Multi-core Architectures - Design Methodologoes and Tools, Dimitrios Soudris and Axel Jantsch, editors, Springer, 2012.
3D-NoC-Book-icon.png 3D Integration for NoC-based SoC Architectures, Abbas Sheibanyrad, Frederic Petrot, and Axel Jantsch, editors, Springer, January 2011. IC-Book-icon.png Interconnect-Centric Design for Advanced SoCs and NoCs, Jari Nurmi, Hannu Tenhunen, Jouni Isoaho, and Axel Jantsch, editors, Kluwer Academic Publisher, April 2004.
NoC-icon.png NoC-Chinese-icon.png Networks on Chip, A. Jantsch and Hannu Tenhunen, editors, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003. MoC-icon.png Modeling Embedded Systems and SoCs - Concurrency and Time in Models of Computation, A. Jantsch, Morgan Kaufmann, 2003, (slides for the book).