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Axel Jantsch

Professor in Systems on Chip

I've had the privilege of supervising excellent Ph.D. students, who have written some very fine theses:

Student Year Thesis
Mattias O'Nils 1999 Specification, Syntheisis and Validation of Hardware/Software Interfaces
Per Bjur\'eus 2002 High-Level Modeling and Evaluation of Embedded Real-Time Systems
Ingo Sander 2003 System Modeling and Design Refinement in ForSyDe
Abhijit Kumar Deb 2004 System Design for DSP Applications with the MASIC Methodology
Zhonghai Lu 2007 Design and Analysis of On-Chip Communication for Network-on-Chip Platforms
Tarvo Raudvere 2007 System Level Techniques for Verification and Synchronization after Local Design Refinements
Iyad Al-Khatib 2008 Performance Analysis of Application Specific Multicore Systems on Chip
Jun Zhu 2010 Performance Analysis and Implementation of Predictable Streaming Applications on Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip
Ming Liu 2011 Adaptive Computing based on FPGA Run-Time Reconfigurability
Mikael Millberg 2011 Architectural Techniques for Improving Performance in Networks on Chip
Huimin She 2012 Performance Analysis and Deployment Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks
Abdul Naeem 2013 Architecture Support and Scalability Analysis of Memory Consistency Models in Network-on-Chip based Systems
Abbas Eslami Kiasari 2013 Performance Analysis and Design Space Exploration of On-Chip Interconnection Networks
Fahimeh Jafari 2015 Analysis and Management of Communication in On-Chip Networks
Shaoteng Liu 2015 New circuit switching techniques in on-chip networks
Christian Krieg 2019 Pattern-Based Hardware Trojan Characterization for Design Security Assessment